10 person tent recommendations in 2021

The 15 Best 10-Person Tents for 2021

Camping is not something most people do alone, and most of the time, the bigger the group, the better. In order to make the most out of a camping trip, having a large enough tent is imperative. If you are traveling with a big group or want to fit an entire family in one tent, a 10-person tent is a perfect choice.


1. Core 10 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

2. OT QOMOTOP 10 Person Tent

3. Ozark 10-Person 2 Room Cabin Tent

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How the Best 10-Person Tents Were Chosen

The first thing about 10-person tents is that the label of “10-person” is the occupancy one can expect with nothing else on the floor. Basically, a 10-person tent only fits that many people if they lay side by side, squeezing in. However, many people choose these tents for the room provided, allowing a full family to be comfortable.

Due to the usual reason for purchasing a 10-person tent, comfort is a concern, and not just internal space but storage and overall protection from the elements. Therefore, the following things were evaluated when choosing the following 10-person tents:

  • Size: The overall size of the tent is important. Anything smaller than the standard 14 feet by 10 feet will probably not fit ten people, even squeezed together. Therefore, they need to have sufficient square footage.
  • Protection from the Elements: While not every tent needs to be able to withstand high winds and heavy rain, it is a definite benefit for any tent. After all, you never know what you will be experiencing. Furthermore, this involves health, the protection of your things, and overall durability and quality.
  • Features and Ease of Use: Whether it is set up or the features available, there are certain things that need to be considered. One thing is storage space. If you do end up using these tents for ten people, then there will need to be alternative places to store gear.

If you are just looking for protection from the elements, there are plenty of options. A 10-person tent is chosen for comfort and roominess. Therefore, those are some of the most important qualities when choosing a 10-person tent for this list.

15 Best 10-Person Tents of 2021

There are a lot of tents out there, and even though the options decrease as the tents become larger, choosing a good 10-person tent isn’t always easy. After all, depending on your needs, the best tent will change. This list attempts to show you the best options, highlighting specific features of each in order to make your choice easier.

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

When it comes to 10-person tents, the main concern is the overall size and roominess. The Core tent has a width of 10 feet and a length of 14 feet, making for a total floor area of 140 square feet.

The Core 10-person tent is a straight wall cabin tent, which means that it won’t narrow much towards the edges. This makes its 86 inch height even more impactful, giving you over 7 feet of space at the center.

Additionally, the roomy interior can be separated into two different rooms by a divider, each capable of housing a queen-sized air mattress. There are even two doors to make access easier to the individual rooms. Add that to the different hooks and pockets, and you will find the Core tent a fantastic option.



OT QOMOTOP Tents, 10 Person 60 Seconds Set Up Camping Tent

The brand OT QOMOTOP makes a terrific tent. While the same basic design comes in multiple sizes, the 10-person tent is their largest. It is 10 feet by 14 feet, giving it a total floor space of 140 square feet. It can even be divided into two rooms using a divider.

One of the best parts about this tent is the fact that it is designed to be set up quickly and easily. Unlike some tents, this tent can be set up by one person without much trouble, and the inner tent can be ready in 60 seconds.

Furthermore, the tent is designed to be water-resistant in all types of rain, from drizzles to heavy downpours. It features waterproof taping, specialized seams, and welded corners to ensure dryness in any situation.



Ozark 10-Person 2 Room Cabin Tent

The Ozark 10-person cabin tent is everything you want from a large tent. It has the common size of 14 feet by 10 feet, allowing for the same 140 square feet that you expect from a 10-person tent. Additionally, it comes with a room divider and can fit up to two queen-sized beds or 10 sleeping bags. It even stands at 7 feet at the center.

The tent also has windows on each side, allowing for easy access to fresh air. There is also electrical cord access and a gear loft for easy entry and storage, no matter the situation.

Moreover, with a reliable coated polyester material, factory-sealed seams, and a welded tub floor, you can count on the Ozark tent to not leak. This tent provides everything you need to fit a lot of occupants without having to worry about the elements.



Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds

Coleman makes a cabin with a number of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a 10-person tent. To start, it has a large interior, sticking with the 14 feet by 10 feet standard seen in many 10-person tents. Unfortunately, it only rises to a maximum height of 79 inches, but it makes up for that with its various features.

The entire tent is weatherproof, with welded corners and inverted seams. It even has an included rainfly for additional protection. The tent is also capable of reducing heat with its Dark Room technology, which blocks 90% of sunlight compared to their normal tents. That makes the Coleman tent perfect for those looking to sleep in.

To make the Coleman even more appealing, it can be set up in around a minute and has a room divider for privacy.



UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents

The UNP tent is the first on the list to stray from the norm with a size of 18 feet by 9 feet, giving it a total of 162 square feet of room inside. It even has a max height of 78 inches, which is shorter than some of the others but enough to give this tent a large interior.

This tent offers good ventilation and comes with mosquito repellent mesh windows and a similar roof. The internal divider can even be used as an outdoor cinema screen, making this tent perfect for a grand evening outdoors.

In addition to its unique dimensions and features, the UNP tent is waterproof, with an awning to prevent water from dropping down into the tent when it is opened. There are even guy lines to ensure that it is stable and can resist wind.



KTT Large Tent 8~10 Person, Family Cabin Tents for Camping

While the KTT tent is smaller than most, having a length of 12.5 feet and a width of 8.5 feet, it is more than capable of fitting ten people. The height might be a bigger issue for some, with the maximum height being around 6.5 feet. However, its design means that maximum height is present through most of the tent.

This tent is designed to be weatherproof, protecting against wind and water. It even protects against mosquitoes with a high-density mesh. Furthermore, the flap can become an awning, providing a bit more protection and shade in certain situations.



Camping Tent – HIKERGARDEN 10 Person Tent for Camping

HIKERGARDEN’s 10-person tent is 14 feet by 11 feet, though its maximum height is only around 6 feet. However, what this tent lacks in height, it makes up for with its large interior and exceptional venting.

The extra foot of interior space over the norm is actually enough to allow three queen-sized mattresses. Yet, the upgraded ventilation is what really makes this tent great, with mesh ventilation available on the sides and across the expansive roof section of the tent.

In addition, this tent is meant for all four seasons, designed to suit any climate or weather condition, having a waterproof and heat-resistant design.



Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The Browning Big Horn tent is the perfect tent for those looking for room and privacy. Not only does it have a large interior of 15 feet by 10 feet, but its center height is 87 inches, which is over 7 feet at the center. This is all made better by the straight wall design, meaning the height of the tent as a whole remains near the maximum.

Additionally, the tent can be divided into two, each with its own entrance. The two rooms are topped off with plenty of windows and storage space, allowing for significant ventilation and storage. Plus, with the exceptional weather protection included in the design, the Browning Big Horn tent makes camping a delight.