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The Top 17 Boot Socks of 2021

One of the smallest items you add to your gear can make the most difference: the boot socks you plan on wearing for situations like hiking, doing outdoor activities in the cold, or performing heavy-duty work. And no, the regular light cotton socks you wear for running won’t do!

Boot socks are designed with a specific purpose in mind: protecting your feet and giving you comfort. The additional padding, strength, and other characteristics help maintain comfort and even the health of your feet. So, read our reviews on 18 of the best options for boot socks on the 2021 market. Your feet may need this more than you imagine.

Picking the Best Boot Socks—Our Methodology

Selecting the ideal pair of socks should be much more than grabbing the first pair you see in the store aisle. Many factors determine if they’ll help or hinder you while you wear them.

Of course, for a simple stroll down the street in your sneakers, most socks will work. But we looked at five important aspects that determine whether a sock will work in more strenuous or colder conditions:

  • Is it high enough? –  A boot sock can’t be too short, or it won’t cover your foot and leg areas that make contact with your boot. This is essential to minimize friction.
  • What’s the weight? –  A boot sock must be thick enough for conditions like cold weather. If a sock is too lightweight, you won’t have much protection. We reviewed general lightweight boot socks, midweight options, and heavyweight types, so you can shop according to the activity you’re buying them for. The latter is necessary if you’re wearing them in cold climates. With them, even after wearing them a long time walking over rough terrain, they won’t wear out.
  • Does it provide cushioning? – When walking over rough surfaces, a sock is essential for comfort while wearing boots or other shoes. You need some cushioning to absorb shock and minimize the impact on your feet.
  • What unique characteristics do they have? – Highly valuable boot socks are the ones that have features such as breathability or quick-drying fabric.
  • Will they last? – Here we look at the quality of the fabric. For example, merino wool is a favorite for its durability as well as comfort. They won’t quickly show holes and deterioration in the fibers.

Spending hours in comparing different types as well as reviewing feedback from those who’ve worn them, we found our winning 18 pairs. These are boot socks for men and women that can fulfill most of these requirements and even more.

Can't Wait? We Recommend These 3 Featured Boot Socks

1. Carhatt Men's All-Terrain Boot Socks

2. Wrangler Men's Wester Boot Socks

3. Carhatt Women's All Season Boot Socks

Table of Contents

Our 18 Recommended Pairs of Boot Socks

As stated, buying socks is more important—and more complicated—than you may think, especially if you’re hoping to prevent blisters during a hike or avoid cold feet while out in nature. This summary of tips and details about the types of boot socks women and men can opt for will help you know how to shop.

Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks

Here’s another basic men’s boot sock which you’ll love for the height if you plan on wearing very high boots. This is a mix of 80% polyester and some nylon and spandex, with the latter giving it great elasticity. The polyester will help with moisture wicking as well as keeping your feet fairly cool in hot climates.

In the foot area, you’ll find some cushioning, improving your comfort and making them practical if you’ll be walking all day. The seams won’t chafe and they won’t slide down, all thanks to the smart design.



Carhartt Women’s 4 Pack All-Season Boot Socks

We did not forget about the women and neither did Carhartt. This is a four-pack of boot socks for women that can serve you all through the year since they are comfortable in most seasons.

You can buy different colors, so match your socks to your outdoor gear and still feel stylish. This also makes it easy to know which socks belong to who in the house.

For your comfort, Carhartt adds support for the arch of your foot and there’s cushioning to help counter impact over rough terrain. With reinforced areas such as the toe and heel, they’ll last you a long time. These can even fight odor, so you’re solving multiple challenges at once!

These socks are a mix of acrylic, polyester, nylon, wool, and spandex.



APTYID Men’s Moisture Control Cushion Crew Work Boot Socks

If you’re looking for socks and your major concern is moisture, this APTYID set could solve your troubles. They are excellent for moisture control and they’re comfortable too, thanks to good elasticity. There’s also support for the feet’s arches and some padding. Users even wear them with steel toe boots and experience comfort.

They’ll last long thanks to reinforcement and when you buy them in bulk they are very affordable.

With these boot socks, you’ll get a mix of 76% polyester, rubber, nylon, and spandex.  



Carhartt Men’s 2 Pack Full Cushion Steel-Toe Cotton Work Boot Socks

Here’s another Carhartt boot sock, but this time it’s mostly cotton (53% – 70%) to which they add nylon, acrylic, and spandex. Note that the color you pick determines the percentage of cotton, with gray socks having less cotton. So, shop according to your style but also your fiber preference.

These ones are specifically made to wear with steel-toe boots. They improve comfort and they will last a long time since the socks contain Coralast fibers that resist abrasion.



Carhartt Women’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Sock

These do have a higher price tag than some, but if you’re heading for cold climates, you’ll see it as an investment. The mix of acrylic, merino wool, nylon, and spandex will be breathable while keeping your feet protected from the cold.

For comfort, you’ll appreciate the cushioning and moisture-wicking. They’re very thick socks, so before you set off hiking, make sure they feel comfortable with the shoes you plan on wearing. Different designs are different lengths, so make sure you order what will suit your needs.



Wrangler Women’s Western Boot Socks 3 Pair Pack

Wrangler caters to everyone, as can be seen in the boot socks for women that come in black, gray, or white. You benefit from a mix of 80% polyester, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex. They’ll be flexible, as well as comfortable, and warm while also keeping feet dry as possible by wicking away moisture. This is thanks to ultra-spun polyester.

The excellent design gives you socks that aren’t too tight, but won’t slide down after a while.



COZIA Wool Socks 80% Merino Men’s and Women’s Warm Thermal Boot Socks

COZIA uses 80% merino wool and adds 15% polyester, some nylon, and 1% spandex. The result is a flexible sock that won’t let you itch. It even helps you regulate your feet’s temperature, so you don’t get uncomfortable during a long hike or workday. Thanks to some ventilation channels, your socks are breathable and they will even prevent odors and wick away moisture.

These are designed for both genders.



HUNTER Women’s Boot Socks

Never wear your Wellingtons without these Hunter boot socks again! Women can pick one of the many designs to suit their style preferences and enjoy a more comfortable and warmer walk in their boots.

The design is made to slide over your boots at the top and there’s enough space to tuck in your pants on the inside. These socks are 100% polyester. Sizing is sometimes off—make sure you get ones suited to your boot length.



GermaPro – Men’s Hiking Socks Breathable Boot Socks

Wear this funky sock in one of many two- or three-toned designs and you’ll stay comfortable and your feet will have a lot of mobility thanks to the soft fabric. It’s a mixture of polyester, Coolmax fabric, nylon and elastane. There’s some impressive technology used in the manufacturing of this sock, such as the fibers releasing negative ions that could help prevent odors.

They do stretch a lot, so try them even if they look small at first. For some people, they’ll feel a bit tight.



Work Boot Socks | For Heavy Wear

You’ll pay a little more for this pair of socks, but they’re worth it for features like comfort and breathability. You won’t easily get blisters or smell a musty odor because it manages moisture well.

The brand designed it with a variety of activities in mind, so they’re perfect for hiking but also to wear with your steel-toe boots. They’ll last longer and offer cushioning in the right places.

A huge bonus is the merino wool that’s been enhanced so it’s more durable while being luxuriously soft.



 Kids Wool Boot Socks

Don’t forget to kit out the kids! These cute designs will make the socks attractive enough so kids will want to wear them with their boots. That means less tension in the air to get everyone ready for that nature hike.

The brand manufactures many different designs so there’s something for all ages. The mix of wool, cotton, polyester and spandex makes the sock breathable, comfortable and safe for kids’ sensitive skin. They’re even fuzzy inside for added comfort.



Lovely Annie Big Girl’s 4 Pairs Pack Knee-High Cotton Boot Socks

Stock your cupboard for winter and outdoor excursions with these cotton boot socks for women. With multiple pairs in one purchase, you’re getting a good deal, so dressing warm and comfortable doesn’t have to break your budget.

These are knee-high socks that are practical when you need to stay warm or you’re wearing high boots. Just remember they may be a bit hot for summer.

Comfort is thanks to a fiber blend containing cotton and other yarn that stretches well and allows good breathability. They are durable, so the socks will last longer.

If you’re in the midst of winter, why not use them as a fashion statement too? The many colors cater to all style preferences.



Wrangler Men’s Lightweight Ultra-Dri Boot Socks

Here’s a boot sock for men designed to help keep you dry. This is thanks to the ultra-spun polyester that’s similar to what we mentioned in certain women’s socks above.

Here you get socks ideal for hiking or other intense activities, thanks to smooth seams across important areas like the toes. You don’t have to worry about friction and blisters when you wear these.

They will reach over your calf area, so you can wear these with higher type boots. Other smart features include padding to soften the impact when you’re on your feet all day.



STYLEGAGA Winter Slouch Top Over The Knee High Knit Boot Socks

Wearing heavy-duty shoes and boots doesn’t mean you have to give up on being stylish. These fashionable boot socks for women help you dress up and add some fun to your look. The socks go all the way up to your knees. You can scrunch them up or let them hang over the top of the boot.

The mix of acrylic, spandex, wool, polyester, and nylon fibers gives you a comfortable sock to wear. Of course, you won’t have the padding and support you’ll find in many of our other types of boot socks. So, only opt for these for less strenuous days wearing your boots—not for serious hiking.



WETSOX Frictionless Wetsuit Boot Socks  

Manufacturers cater to all types of sock needs and this pair is for outside adventurers that often head to the water. You’ll appreciate that these socks are designed not to stick to other surfaces like the inside of your trousers or boots. This makes them perfect to wear with a wet suit.

They stretch well so it’s easy to put them on and because they follow the contours of your legs and stay in place, there will be minimal friction during activities. It also won’t bunch up inside your boots. They come fairly high and will fit securely above your calf, so you can comfortably wear them with higher boots.

The secret to these socks is the unique blend of spandex and nylon. This fabric will dry quickly because of the type of fibers and thanks to it being so thin.



The Original Button Boot Socks with Lace Trim

We end off with more stylish boot socks for women, these with lace trim at the top. They’re perfect to wear with your boots when out and about in town. They also come up very high, which makes them great for colder weather.

They don’t have the cushioning you need for extreme hiking adventures, but for any woman who wants to add some flair to her look while doing regular activities, try these! The mix of cotton and spandex fits well. Just note it’s one size fits most design, so hopefully, you find them comfortable.



Our Boot Sock Buy Guide

How to Shop for Boot Socks

Types of Boot Socks

Boot socks for men and women can be categorized according to these features:

  • Fabric: Wool is a common option and does serve you well in terms of warmth, even if they get wet. Merino wool is the best since there’s less chance of it making you itch. Other popular fabrics are silk, for its lightweight feature, and synthetic materials—like polyesters, spandex and nylon—that often offer moisture wicking Cotton is popular but does absorb moisture, which could cause blistering eventually. It’s best to wear cotton socks that also contain other types of fibers. Many popular fabrics are combinations of these different fabrics.
  • Height: Pick the height of the sock according to your footwear you plan on wearing. You’ll find no-show socks but these are only appropriate for low cut shoes. An ankle sock is also low but may be high enough for some boots. A crew sock is a popular height for hiking and will cover your foot as well as a few inches of your leg above the ankle. The extra coverage limits friction and will keep you warm but could become uncomfortable on hot days. For optimal protection against the cold, you’ll need knee-high boot socks that will also work well if you wear boots with really high cuffs.
  • Sock style: Understanding the labels of different socks will help you pick:
    • Hiking socks may have more cushioning than many others, since they’re made with rough terrain in mind.
    • Keep your feet warm as well as dry by adding comfy Wellington boot socks when putting on your Wellington boots. The socks can often be longer than the boot and fit over the edge to secure it in place.
    • For running you want as little friction as possible, so running socks are designed to move minimally when you wear them. They’re also very breathable.
    • Mountaineering socks will give you the benefit of excellent insulation.

Important Features of Boot Socks to Ensure They Work for You

We showcase 18 different types of boot socks because there’s no one pair that will work for everyone. To gauge whether you’re making the right investment, consider the following:

  • They must fit well: The fit will determine comfort, so put them on as soon as you get them. If they’re too big the extra fabric will create folds that can cause unnecessary friction. Also, don’t go for too tight, or it may affect blood circulation.
  • Cushioning and weight: If you’re going to wear them in cold conditions where you’ll do a lot of walking on rough terrain, prioritize heavyweight socks with lots of padding.
  • Look: The look of a sock is not the most important, but you can opt for stylish designs, especially if you live in a cold climate where you’ll wear them daily. A cute design could also motivate kids to wear the right clothing for the activity at hand.

Write down your priorities and then pick your new socks from this list.

Final Thoughts

Imagine sliding your feet into one of these pairs and setting off on your adventure—in town or down a hiking trail. Pick the right one so you can focus on the experience, instead of the cold or pain in your feet. The right pair of boot socks makes all the difference!

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