ESEE Laser Strike Review – 2022 Update

We’ve decided to write an ESEE Laser Strike review because it’s made by a company that just doesn’t get enough recognition for the high-quality knives they make. ESEE is a company that makes knives that are built to last and they have founded their reputation on this principle.

While ESEE may not be the name you think of when it comes to knife manufacturers, they are a great company and produce some of the best knives for your money. Each knife is made with the purpose of doing its job and has the opportunity to last you a lifetime.


Laser Strike Length, Blade Length, and Weight

The Laser strike is 10 inches in length overall. At 10 inches it’s long enough to complete many of the tasks you’ll need it for and it’s small enough to carry and conceal easily. Most combat knives are made around this length because they provide the knife with the ideal strength it needs to withstand heavy use and it gives you the reach to hit your mark in a combat situation.

Overall the blade length is 4.75 inches and the cutting edge of the blade is 4.5 inches. The cutting edge is shorter than the total length of the blade because a unique finger grip has been added that doubles as a guard designed to prevent your hand from slipping onto the blade. This finger hold also provides you with an excellent grip on the knife so it won’t slip when it’s being used in a stabbing or thrusting fashion.

Weighing in at 9.5 ounces the Laser Strike is a knife that does not weigh a lot when compared to knives at a similar length and design. This is a huge benefit because it’s a very strong knife for this weight and carrying it will not be a problem. You can’t ask for more in a knife that’s light and strong at the same time.

Blade Thickness, Tang, and Steel

ESEE has made the Laser Strike with a blade thickness of .188 inches. At this thickness, the blade is strong enough to be used as a tool that won’t bend or break easily. It also reinforces the blade for times when a greater amount of force needs to be used to complete tougher tasks.


The Laser Strike is a full tang knife, meaning the steel of the blade and the handle of the knife are one solid piece. Full tang knives are known to be stronger because they don’t have any breaks in the steel whereas other knives’ blades and handles are two separate pieces.

Knives that have two separate pieces for the blade and handle don’t have a tang and tend to be weaker. They tend to be weaker because if they are used as tools the knife may break where the blade and handle meet. You won’t find this weakness in the Laser Strike and it can be used as a tool without any worry of it failing.

The Laser Strike is forged out of 1095 Carbon Steel. This steel is known for its ability to hold an edge and it’s generally easy to sharpen depending on who makes it and who treats it. With ESEE you can rest assured that their steel is top of the line and always performs up to par and better than most knives.

1095 Carbon Steel does rust if it’s not cared for, kept dry, and oiled when it won’t be in use for a long period of time. The Blade of the Laser Strike has a powder coat that is black and textured to prevent it from easily rusting and to reduce the care it will need in between uses. We found this to be a huge benefit considering in combat you may not always be able to care for the blade properly.

Laser Strike Handles and Sheath

To start, the handles of this knife are made out of Canvas Micarta which is a great material because it’s very easy to grip and it will not get slippery when wet. Another nice feature of Micarta is that it won’t hold moisture for long periods of time and it doesn’t stain very easily. You can typically find this knife with green/gray handles.

Each handle is removable and they can be swapped if they get too damaged, you want a different color, or if you’d like to add custom handles to the knife. ESEE has also equipped it with a divot in the handle to allow you to use a bow to start a fire.

Equipped in the handles is a Ferrocerium fire starting flint with tinder tabs to start a fire with. The tinder tabs are compressed to store in the handle and should be pulled or made less compressed for best results. It’s always best to leave the sheath on the knife when using it as a fire starter to avoid injury with the blade.

For the sheath, the Laser Strike comes with a Kydex sheath and it can be worn on either side of your body, that way you can reach it easily whether you are left or right-handed. This sheath is designed to hold the knife securely even during rough travels. It can also keep the knife protected during bad weather conditions and dirty environments.

The sheath comes with multiple holes to allow you to attach it in a way that works best for you and the type of places you’ll be taking it. It has a washer attached to it so that you can swap handles or remove the flint and tinder without needing a separate tool to do this. There’s also a lanyard on the sheath for additional attachment methods and a tension adjustment to hold the knife more or less secure depending on its use and need.

Laser Strike Review Conclusion

Overall you won’t find a knife that is better suited for any situation, especially a combat zone. If our ESEE Laser Strike Review hasn’t convinced you of this there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to try it out for yourself. With all of the features and benefits included and the quality of the knife itself, we know you won’t be disappointed.