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The 16 Best Fingerless Gloves [2021 Review]

In the fashion and clothing industry, there are two characteristics that usually matter: beauty AND practicality. Now, the question is: when you pick out gloves, are you picking the most practical ones? If you want to, it’s time to try out fingerless gloves.  

For some, wearing fingerless gloves may seem like a trend. But there are very good reasons for picking fingerless gloves rather than gloves covering your entire hand. If you’re planning on doing some outdoor activities—whether it’s camping, climbing, or simply going for a walk—fingerless designs make even more sense if you think carefully. 

Firstly, these days you can find a set of fingerless gloves that suits your personal taste in look, fabric, and design. Do you want stylish crochet fingerless gloves or men’s fingerless gloves rugged enough for outdoor work or sports? There’s something for everyone’s taste.  

Secondly, with your fingertips exposed, you have more freedom of movement and control while performing tasks, all while your hands still get protection against the elements. 

See? It’s the best of both worlds and everything you need, especially for outdoor activities. 

Don’t you often feel encumbered when you wear a full set of gloves? You can’t feel textures and there’s very little grip on items you pick up. So, add one of the following sets of fingerless gloves to your outdoor gear and you’ll enjoy the outing more since you’re able to do more. As you’ll see below, there’s a style and type for everyone! 

Our Featured Fingerless Gloves

1.HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves

2. Steel Outdoor Brass Knuckle Gloves

3. Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Gloves 

Selecting and Reviewing Our Fingerless Gloves: Methodology

Since we want to help you get the best outdoor gear possibleit’s essential that we showcase the best fingerless gloves on the market. For fashion reasons, of course, the gloves must be stylish because many of us still care about our look when in the outdoors. You don’t want your gloves to ruin your outfit, right?  

Secondly, we considered the fabrics the gloves are made of. These need to be durable. Your gloves will provide the necessary protection when you’re enjoying the outdoorseven when you wear them while doing some heavy-duty work.  

Breathability is an important factor for any pair of gloves. Even if you’re working in cold climates you can get uncomfortable if clothing doesn’t allow for some airflow. One may think this doesn’t matter as much with fingerless gloves, since part of your hand is uncovered, but the rule still applies. You don’t want your palms becoming clammy inside the glove.  

We also looked at sizing and looked for sets that can easily fit almost anyone. Either the fabric must be stretchable or the brand must manufacture enough different sizes.  

To find 16 pairs of fingerless gloves that impressed us in all these categories took some time. We tried out the gloves and also researched what others had to say after using the gloves for different applications. If you’re buying a set of gloves to use during your next mountain biking adventure or fishing trip, you want to know it’s appropriate, right? We cover all these details in our reviews below.  

16 Best Fingerless Glove Sets of 2021

Today’s market caters to all these purposes and more, so take your time comparing different sets of fingerless gloves. It’s how you’ll get the irreplaceable pair that will become your new favorite addition to your outdoor gear.   

Curious about your options yet? Here are 16 fingerless glove sets and one—or more—of them is worth putting on your shopping list.  

HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves 

These fingerless tactical gloves have everything you need for outside activities. Anti-slip surfaces will improve grip while thickened knuckle areas ensure they last longer than many others, even after some heavy-duty use. They’re also ideal for winter since they’re windproof. 

Don’t be concerned that all these features make them uncomfortable to work with. The fabric is flexible and you can adjust how it fits at the wrist. The brand sells many sizes and you can even pick from different designs so yours will suit your personal style.  

You can try these for sport activities, riding your motorcycle, or even climbing. Pick one set of fingerless gloves for all your hobbies.  



Steel Outdoor Reinforced Brass Knuckle Textile Safety Gloves  

The metal parts on these fingerless gloves may seem intimidating but you’ll be glad it’s there as protection if you fall off a motorcycle or your mountain bike. These components are made with a process called injection molding 

These black fingerless gloves may look heavy but the fabric is actually very lightweight and the polyester is surprisingly breathable. On the palm area, there’s a surface that provides excellent grip. Don’t pick too large a size because over time the fabric will stretch a bit.  



Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Gloves  

If you have one favorite outdoor hobby, it pays off shopping for fingerless gloves designed for a specific purpose. With a pair like this from Palmyth, you have all you need to protect your hands during fishing excursions: from sun protection up to UPF 50+ to being quick drying and breathable for comfort throughout the day. 

Your grip on your rod will be better thanks to a unique design incorporating silicone and synthetic leather.  

You probably know that in wet conditions it can be difficult to pull gloves on or off. These have pull tabs on the tips, making this task easier but we feel this design can be improved upon even more.  



KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves 

Here’s another pair you can consider for fishing or for many other outdoor water sports like rowing. Once you’re done, simply pop them in the machine for a wash. These ply-spandex fingerless gloves are so easy to maintain! 

The fabric stretches in all directions, which increases the level of comfort. You have sufficient skin protection outside too thanks to the UPF 50 protection rating.  

The designs are really impressive and eye-catching so you can add some style to your outdoor gear.  



Outdoor Research – Active Ice Spectrum Sun Gloves 

These outdoor fingerless gloves provide an excellent layer of protection against the sun and general scrapes. Just know they’re not as thick, padded, or durable as some of the others we reviewed, so these aren’t for heavy-duty use.  

 The light fabric means you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them, especially since it will even help you stay cool. The cooling effect is thanks to xylitol crystals in the fabric. The palm has an anti-slip area, helping you when using them for holding a fishing rod or other utensils during outdoor activities.  



Glove Station – The Combat Fingerless Rubber Knuckle Gloves for Men 

If you don’t like the metal-enforced knuckles on the pair we showcased above, a design method with similar efficiency is having rubber incorporated into the design. In this pair, the rubber parts on the knuckles are molded which provides optimum protection and ensures durability. These gloves offer excellent combinations of: 

  • Flexibility thanks to Neoprene  
  • Sturdiness thanks to Syntech leather  

 These men’s fingerless gloves are thicker than some others on our list but the vents will give enough ventilation, so your hands don’t feel too hot.  



Ehemy Camo Hunting Gloves  

If you’re not sure if a full-finger or fingerless design will work for your outdoor activities, we also have a solution. You can wear these Ehemy gloves as full finger gloves or slip off the thumb, middle finger, and index finger top parts. This is especially handy during hunting expeditions to pull the trigger. 

You won’t lose these fabric pieces, thanks to Velcro that keeps them attached to the glove until you want to cover your fingers again. The design has many other perks too, from waterproof fabric to anti-slip surfaces. 



Seabirr – Fingerless Driving Gloves  

These fingerless leather gloves—faux leather that looks stunning—are designed for driving but you’ll want to wear them simply for the style statement they make. The sleek look will go with any outfit you’re wearing, so if you want a fashion piece and a practical set of gloves—even for some outdoor activities—this is it.  

The gloves are breathable and you can even order a fleece-lined pair for more comfort and warmth. The button allows you to adjust it around the wrist for comfort—not as effective as Velcro that offers more flexibility in wrist circumference, but with two possible button positions, you at least have some customization.