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10 Best Hidden Knives to Buy in 2021

Concealed or hidden knives can be handy tools as well as defensive weapons. A hidden knife will appear like an everyday object and even function like one. However, there is a concealed blade within that can help fulfill your needs in a variety of circumstances.

If you are shopping around for hidden knives and wonder which ones to get, you are in the right place. This post will not only introduce you to the ten best hidden knives to buy in 2021 but also share tips on how to buy one. So let us explore the sharpest concealed blades you can get online.


1. Cigarette with a Hidden Knife

hidden cigarette knife

2. Comb Knife

3. Credit Card Hidden Knife


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Several factors determine why you should buy a certain type of knife. However, we selected the ten best knives based on the following.

  • Best ratings by the online seller
  • Usability/Ease of use
  • Concealability factor
  • Design
  • Affordability

10 Must-Have Hidden Knives in 2021

Here are ten of the best hidden knives that are definitely worth owning this year.

hidden cigarette knife

Cigarette with a Hidden Knife

That’s a first – we knew cigarettes could be dangerous for the user, but this one proves to be literally lethal for attackers. This is a metallic cigarette that can rest in your cigarette case, pocket or bag, and you can draw a 1-inch steel blade at the moment of need.

You may wonder that it is easily noticable as there are no metallic cigarettes. You are forgetting that we live in times where everything has gone electronic, including cigarettes. So, you will gain the benefit of the doubt when carrying it because people will think you are an e-cigarette smoker.

The full length of this electronic/metal cigarette is about 3.25 inches, and the diameter is 0.25 inches approximately. The aluminum build of the cigarette conceals a stainless steel blade that is great for self-defense.



Comb Knife

Looking for a hidden knife that you can carry in a bag anywhere you go? Well, this comb knife will nicely fit into your grooming arsenal. Carry it in a grooming kit or a women’s purse on a night out. What appears to be a regular comb turns into a knife when you pull the handle outward.

You can use it for self-defense or opening your letters. The total length of the comb is approximately 7.25 inches, and it weighs about 1 ounce. The size of the blade is 3.25 inches, a little bit on the longer side when it comes to other hidden knives available out there.

What a great way to have an accessory to style your hair and turn it into a self-defense savior when needed.




Credit Card Hidden Knife

So, you would like a hidden knife but nothing too bulky and something that can easily fit in the back pocket. Then get yourself one of these hidden knives in a credit card. Carry it with your cash in a wallet or your shirt’s pocket. Either way, you will have 5.5 inches of a sharp knife to wean off any danger.

This is a genius product that can accompany you anywhere you go, from office to supermarket and on nights out with your friends. This knife comes concealed in the back of the credit card that is 2 inches by 3 ¼ inches long. The blade is stainless steel and is about 2.5 inches long, making it ideal for stabbing the attacker or slicing food items.




Dark Skull Key Hidden Knife

Looking for a knife that hides in plain sight? Then grab one of these hidden knives in a dark skull key. This particular key conceals a 1.75 inch of the blade and a 1.5-inch file as well. You can easily hang this as one of the keys in your keychain. The best part is that no one will ever know that you carry a self-defense tool in a keychain.




Hidden Belt Knife

If you are looking for a concealed self-defense weapon to carry without worrying about dropping it, then this belt knife is for you. Nobody needs to know that you are carrying a knife with you. This product will appear as any other belt you will use with your trousers. However, a slot in the buckle area acts as a holster for a sharp knife hidden in plain sight.

All you need is to grab the buckle and pull, and there you have a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade at your disposal. This hidden knife has a pakkawood handle with full-tang construction.



hidden-brush-knife-3037742 (1)

Hair Brush Hidden Spike

Not exactly a knife itself, but you can easily fight off any attacker using this hidden spike within a hairbrush. If you do not want to use a real knife and need something purely to defend, then this one is for you. The brush is approximately 9 inches long and made of specialized composite materials

The spike itself hidden in the brush’s handle is about 4 inches long. Pull the handle outward, and you have the spike to defend yourself




Hidden Blade with Pepper Spray

Heard of a saying killing 2 birds with 1 stone? Well this is more like it. Therefore, you must get this pepper spray that also has a concealed knife as a backup for self-defense.

Apart from the pepper spray part, it has a strong plastic build. The black is about 1.5 inches long – yes, it not very long, but considering you get a pepper spray, backup makes up for it.




Lipstick Hidden Knife

Another one for the ladies who like every accessory they carry to be a fashion statement. This blue lipstick is funky and acts as a perfect stealth weapon to protect yourself. However, there is no lipstick to use – sorry girls.

That said, the total length of these lipstick-shaped hidden knives is 2.75 inches. Concealed within is a 1-inch hawkbill blade. No one will ever doubt that something as harmless as lipstick is actually a great self-defense knife.





Pen Knife

This one is a sophisticatedly hidden knife for professionals and businessmen. This pen knife appears to be just a ball-point pen with silver trim and a glossy black finish. However, it conceals a knife with a sharpened blade.

You can use it like a real pen that writes in black ink. The total length of the pen is 5.5 inches, but you can pull out a 2.5-inch blade if you need to defend yourself. It may rest at your desk or be clipped onto your front shirt pocket. Therefore, no one will ever know you carry one of the best-hidden knives available in the market.




Pink Comb Knife for Lady’s

This is a perfect accessory for the ladies looking for a discreet self-defense weapon to carry in handbags. From grooming your long locks to wean off any potential threats, this comb knife in pink is a perfect partner in crime.

The plastic part of the comb is sturdy, while there is a rugged stainless steel blade concealed within. The total length of the comb is 6.5 inches, and the blade itself is 3 inches long.



A Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying Hidden Knives

Although buying hidden knives is no rocket science, the following seven factors will certainly help get a good one. So, let us quickly review how to buy a hidden knife.

  • Affordability

Your budget will play a key role in determining the quality and size of the hidden knife you can purchase. However, do some research and ensure that you are buying a knife at a reasonable price.

  • Construction

Construction and material used in hidden knives can make or break the deal. Durability is an essential element when buying a self-defense tool. Plus, material and construction using aluminum and stainless steel ensure a longer life span due to corrosion resistance.

  • Sharpness is a Must

What good is a blade if it ain’t sharp? So, always make sure to buy a blade that is sharp at the tip and ideally on the edges as well.

  • The Length

Hidden knives with longer blades give you a better fighting chance. Plus, you can use them for carrying out various tasks during remote scenarios such as camping.

  • Weight

The lighter a hidden knife, the better it is to conceal. This is because an overly heavy lipstick, credit card, hairbrush, or pen will certainly give it away.

  • Balance

Balance is important when it comes to using knives when it comes to using it during combat or self-defense. The knife’s balance will determine its efficacy and how it affects the attacker when used for self-defense.

  • The comfort of the handle

You will not be able to hold a knife, let alone fend off a threat if you cannot hold the concealed knife comfortably. Therefore, you will have to consider the handle’s size, shape, material, and design. An inadequate handle may break the knife, and you may end up hurting yourself.

  • Easy-to-Use

The easier it is to pull out a concealed knife, the better. Remember, you want instant access to a self-defense tool when threatened. A too well-concealed weapon that requires disassembling of the accessory hiding is a no-no.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Get a hidden knife that requires minimal maintenance. Stainless steel hidden knives are best as they are rusting and corrosion-resistant. The same applies to the other casing. If you are getting a hidden knife in a metallic case, then look for a corrosion-resistant metal such as titanium or aluminum.


So, now that you know the 10 best hidden knives to buy in 2021 and how to choose one that suits your needs, it is time to get one.  However, always make sure that you are buying from an authentic seller. When you buy online, it is best to check the online reviews and feedback from other customers about the build quality and usability of the knife you wish to purchase.

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