10 Best Key Knives to Buy in 2021

People often find themselves looking for a knife for small jobs. The foldable blade remains concealed for safety, and you can easily open it when needed. The key-shaped folding knife is easily attachable to any keychain providing a portability factor with quick access.  

A key knife is an accessory that not only comes in handy to carry out various tasks but helps as a self-defense safety to wean off any threat. A good-quality key knife comes with a buckle design that is attachable to your pocket or belt.


If you are searching for a key knife, this post will be your guide on the 10 best key knives to buy in 2021. 


Featured Key Knives

1. Xuanmai Guitar Pendant Key Knife

2. Szhoworld Brass Key Knife

3. Lagipa Portable Key Knife

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Considering that the key knives are a helpful tool and somewhat a collector’s item, we only selected the ones with Amazon’s ratings of 3 stars or more. Other factors to consider included

  • Durability
  • Added features/tools
  • Affordability

10 Best Key Knives You Can Buy Online

The following ten key knives are some of the available options out there. All of these knives are portable, high-quality, and affordable to buy.

Titagail mini keychain knife

This is a beautifully shaped key knife that can serve as a keychain and a blade pops out when you need to open a box or cut into something. This exquisite pendant-like key knife is lightweight, and you can even use it as a necklace if that is your style.

From being a tool in the outdoors to be a help to survive in the wild, this key knife can help when decorating, opening boxes, and even protecting yourself. The guitar, blade, and key ring are all stainless steel. 



Szhoworld Brass Key Knife

Want to make your life a little more convenient? Then this mini brass knife is all you need. It is portable, durable, and comes with a sharp blade. Szhoworld has made this high-quality key knife for everyday use, and it can go easily on your keychain. 

The folding blade is 3Cr13 stainless steel and fully retractable with a brass handle, making it easy to conceal and safe to carry. The total size of this key knife is 4.25 cm long when open and 2.8 cm when close. It is 0.39 inches wide, and the blade’s length is 1.25 inches.



Lagipa Portable Key Knife

If you are looking for a key knife with a fashion statement, this portable unisex mini knife is a perfect accessory. Lagipa has made this keychain-style knife to be lightweight and compact. Make it a keychain and carry it anywhere you go.

The total length of the folding knife is 3.78 inches when open and 2.64 inches when closed. The blade is 1.18 inches long, and the knife itself weighs 25g only. The blade’s material is premium stainless steel with an aluminum handle.



NEBO True Modern Keychain Knife

If you are searching for a remarkable aluminum alloy key knife, this one is it. The NEBO True Modern keychain-style pocket knife is a compact design with a 3Cr13 stainless steel blade and a brass bolt.  It has an aluminum alloy handle giving it a sturdy and high-quality appearance. 

The full key knife is 4.25 inches and 2.9 inches in a closed-form. The blade is 1.25 inches in length. The knife itself is very lightweight at 12g.



2-Pack Green Leaf Portable Knife

If you are looking for a key knife that will be a great gift, look no further. This is an exquisitely designed leaf folding key knife that is easily concealable and looks like a fashion accessory. The blade is sharp and made from stainless steel. 

The overall construct of this 2-piece portable knife is durable with a full length of approximately 4.52 inches, whereas the blade itself is 1.5 inches in length. The whole piece is very light and weighs around 31g.



Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

How could we miss the world-famous Swiss army knife out of this list? Whether it is a mechanical job or an adventurous trip in the wild, this Victorinox Swiss key knife is all you will ever need to carry out any task. 

This particular brand has a history dating back to 1897 and encases several miniature stainless steel tools in a slim profile with extreme resistance. If you want to own a recognizable key knife, this one holds a status of an icon in the category with a smart design. The full length of the knife is 2.3 inches and weighs around 19.8g.



Smith & Wesson Benji High Carbon Folding Key Knife

A key knife with a modified tanto blade is something that is not available in most products in this category. Smith and Wesson Benji created this high carbon foldable key knife using high carbon 8Cr13 MoV stainless steel. Adding to its aesthetic appeal is the black G-10 handle with dual functions of pocket clip/money clip and a finger flipper. 

The full dimensions of this high carbon key knife are 2.5 inches in length, with a blade 1.75 inches long. However, due to its high quality and material, it is 77.1g which is slightly heavier than other products available in the market.



Edcfan’s Keychain Knife

Edcfan has created a multi-purpose key knife that packs a mini utility box. From a bottle opener to a screw driver, knife to wrench pry tool, this durable and high-quality foldable is a handy must-have accessory. 

Each feature comes with a locking featuring means it will lock and hold its position when fully opened. This makes the tools steady and sturdy when you apply the pressure. The body of the key knife, as well as all the tools, are 100% high-quality stainless steel with corrosion resistance.



Key Knife with a Whistle

Are you an adventurer looking for an ideal key knife? So if you are into camping, hiking, or any other survival outdoor sports, this can be a perfect companion in an emergency. Furthermore, this one comes with a built-in whistle.

The full design is 5.4 inches in length when open and 5 inches when closed, and the blade is 2.36 inches long. It is lightweight but do not let it deceive you because this pocket knife/whistle has a sturdy built, making it a perfect portable companion wherever you go. 

Build your shelter, cut the ropes, prep a meal or protect yourself against any threat; it can do it all. Plus, you can blow the whistle for others to find you or warn others of imminent danger. The design is sleep, and the material of the knife is aluminum that makes it corrosion resistant and offers many years of service.