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16 Best Neoprene Face Masks - Updated 2021 List

Within the span of a few months, face masks have become part of our everyday lives. In many countries it’s mandatory to wear them, so chances are you have a few in your cupboard at the moment. But do you have the best ones? The ones that really work! There are many types but getting the best neoprene face mask is a handy addition to any collection.

If you’ve taken part in certain sports and hobbies in the past, you won’t be new to these neoprene masks. They’re excellent accessories to help with extreme sports training to improve lung capacity and to assist in environments where dust or other particles may affect you, whether it’s woodwork or cycling.  

If you’re not used to shopping for this niche yet, we’ve got you covered. The good news is that because the market had to expand, you now have even more options than ever before. You simply need to know how to pick the one you’ll enjoy wearing.

Below, you’ll find out all about the products, how to identify the best ones and which ones we’ve discovered that will serve you well. Whether it’s for everyday wear or going on an outdoor adventure, let’s help you find your best options.

Selecting and Reviewing Neoprene Face Masks: What is Our Method?

The market has been flooded with new neoprene face masks, because of their popularity but also the need for masks during the 2020 pandemic. Now you’re spoiled for choice, even if you’re buying it for your outdoor and sports adventures.

Neoprene is a very dynamic fabric for masks since it’s flexible and easy to dry, but not all of them are the same. To find the best options for our list, we spent hours finding products, testing them, and compiling feedback. We looked for the facts on the following and rated the many options accordingly:

  • Mask maintenance: Whether it’s for day-to-day use or wearing during hobbies like woodwork and adventure sports, it will need a clean once in a while. Masks you can easily wash without risking damage are ideal.

  • Layers: For best filtering and protection against any particles, a multi-layered mask is a wise investment. When you want protection against infection, experts advise you get a three-layered design.

  • Value for money: We looked for a balance between price and quality. We also found many bulk buying options. This makes sense if you need to kit out the whole family since the unit price is often lower than buying singles. Value for money also relates to if you will have a regular expense or whether you have one mask as a long-term investment. If you can reuse yours over and over, that’s good news for your budget. Some are only meant to wear once or minimal times, or you’ll have to replace filters. Take that into consideration for budgeting purposes.

  • Comfort: Well-designed masks fit well and you may even forget you’re wearing them. The shape of the mask, how it stays in place, and its flexibility usually determine this. We looked at it all and tried it out to see if the masks worked for different wearers.

  • Sizing: Many mask designs are sold as ‘one size fits all’ accessories but they don’t always work efficiently for everyone. They may be uncomfortable or sit tight or too loose. This makes it valuable to find masks that are adjustable in some manner or the ones designed for a specific group, such as kids who need smaller sizes.

  • Breathability: We wanted to make sure the masks you find on our list will still allow optimal oxygen flow, so general breathing isn’t affected. This is especially important when you’re shopping for masks you’ll use while performing strenuous activities. If the mask doesn’t allow proper airflow it could result in a lack of oxygen and you’ll start feeling bad. We report on all these factors so the mask you pick is also a healthy choice.

  • Glasses-friendly: Many of you may need to wear a mask while you’re wearing glasses or sports goggles. The masks that won’t cause the glass or plastic to fog up are high on our list of favorites.

  • Environmental impact: Sustainability and friendliness to the environment are important because masks are manufactured in great numbers. It wouldn’t do if too many of them simply add to landfill mass or aren’t part of sustainable manufacturing supply chains. We gave high ratings for those that won’t harm the environment when discarded.

Featured Neoprene Masks

1. FIGHTECH Dust Mask

2. Miracop Cooper Yarn Mask

3. AIRNEX Anti Pollution Neoprene Dust Mask

Table of Contents

Neoprene Face Mask Types and Designs to Consider

You’ll find a wide variety of the best neoprene masks in the mask reviews below. It’s important you pick a type that suits your purpose, your face, and your comfort preferences. Here are categories and options to consider so you can find the best for you.

Ties vs Ear Loops

The most popular designs for the best neoprene face masks are ones held in place with ties that fasten behind your head or ear loops. There’s no best here because it’s about what you find most comfortable and practical:

  • Ties or straps behind your head: You can easily adjust the size, ensuring optimum comfort. Ladies may not prefer this since it could ruin your hairdo for the day.
  • Loops behind the ear: This type is quick to put on, but you may find the pull of the loops starts to irritate you after a while.
  • Elastic behind the head: Here you don’t have to worry about the discomfort of the mask pulling your ears, but once again not everyone wants their hair messed up by the mask. When not in use it’s easy to slide down to hang around your neck, so you can’t lose it.
The Cut & Coverage

The cut of the mask determines how big a part of your face the mask will cover. Some may prefer a large area so it prevents dust and other particles from adhering to your face—perfect for sports that involve dust. A smaller area could be ideal if the larger masks make you feel hot.

The cut will also affect aspects like whether the mask will cause your glasses to fog up.

The Fit

Some masks follow the contours of a person’s face while others have a more basic design. The closer fit tends to be comfortable but make sure there’s enough space between your face and the mask to ensure comfortable breathing.

With or Without Filters

Masks can simply be layers of fabric or it can allow for filters. Some even have valves to support airflow. These features will affect the look, weight, and comfort of the mask, but they’re often effective in blocking particles. You need to decide which aspects are most important to you and shop accordingly.

Our 16 Best Neoprene Face Mask Recommendations

Ready to shop? These were the 16 best neoprene face masks on today’s market and there’s something for everyone in your family


First on our list of the best neoprene face masks is one from FIGHTECH which covers almost all the bases. Although designed with woodworking in mind, the effective carbon filter and valve design is suited to block allergens, all non-toxic dust, and any non-oil-based particles.

It’s also a popular option for sports applications since it can help simulate high altitude environments, which helps you improve lung capacity during running or cycling training. Best of all is the design that allows a tight fit around the nose and the head where it’s secured by ear loops and Velcro at the back. This ensures it’s kept in place and breathing won’t easily fog up glasses.



Miracop Copper Yarn Mask

Here’s another fabric type incorporating copper for your protection. Copper deodorizes, so if you don’t want to wash it too often you don’t have to—it won’t smell. The copper element helps block droplets, dust, and even pollen. Great for daily use or to help prevent allergies from acting up while doing outside sports.

This one can last for months, for example, if you only wash it once a week, before it will be less effective at blocking particles.

The basic design is easy to match with outfits and there are two sizes to pick from, one most suited for men and one for women.



Kenneth Cole – Neoprene Water Repellent Anti Pollution Anti Dust 6 Layer Reusable Face Mask

This is another all-around winner since Kenneth Cole manages to create a comfortable mask that’s also effective. This neoprene mask actually has a HeiQ Smart Temp feature which will help cool you down when your body temperature rises. It’s ideal for daily wear in hot climates or during sports in the sun. There are also TENCEL MODAL x MICRO Lenzing fibers. These make the fabric water absorbent, soft and comfortable.

Thanks to a nose clip that will keep it secure, you won’t have much fogging when wearing it with glasses.



Kenneth Cole 14-Pack Neoprene Face Masks

Here’s another option from Kenneth Cole, the face masks already mentioned, but the multi-pack makes this an option that must be mentioned. It’s much cheaper and you’ll have stock for a long time.

The masks with Heiq B-block filtering are washable so you can use these for a long time. Also, for a lifestyle where you need a mask daily, you now cut down on maintenance because you don’t have to wash your mask at the end of every day.

Kenneth Cole’s masks are available in different colors, such as black, blue, and gray. These hues work for both men and women.



AIRNEX Anti Pollution Dust Mask with 4 Activated Carbon Filters

This mask looks impressive but it may not be the understated, elegant mask you want to wear to work each day. However, its efficiency is a bonus, all thanks to activated carbon filters and one-way exhaust valves! You’ll find it works for daily wear to block particles from other people but also activities such as mowing the lawn or your woodwork. This is because it can block allergens like pollen and VOC (volatile organic compounds).

We appreciate the comfortable, custom fit option, all thanks to the loops around the years as well as an adjustable strap around the head. Your purchase comes with multiple filters to exchange. To maintain efficiency, you’ll need to do this each time you’ve worn the mask for a maximum of 24 hours.



ADJUSTABLE SIZE and NOSE WIRE Neoprene Face Covering

Here you have a mask offering you multiple features to increase comfort, from its nose wire to adjustable loops around the ears. Simply pull the string and tie it for a custom fit.

If you’re looking for elegance, you’ll appreciate the basic, yet fashionable design. With this pack of two, you can wash your mask at the end of the day and use the other one while it dries properly.

The mask has two layers, so it’s not as impressive as some of the other masks but will still block many particles.



Kenneth Cole Kids Face Mask

Kenneth Cole also provides some of the best neoprene face masks for the younger generation. You can enjoy the same benefits as the adult versions, such as the Heiq V-block filtering which will offer up to 99.9% safety against particles entering. And since kids enjoy playing outside and will never think of preventing their masks from getting dirty or wet, it’s good news that the outer layer will block moisture.

This design does come in neutral designs but the brand also sells some prints, such as a camouflage look or one with animal skin designs. Unfortunately, the prints seem to be mostly cotton masks that aren’t as water-resistant, so make sure you order the correct type.



Eurow – Neoprene Carbon Mask

Here’s a mask you can see a lot of planning went into. Apart from the carbon filter that will block many common pollutants, you may appreciate the integrated earplugs. That makes it a very practical solution for activities where you need to focus or protect your ears from loud noise—for example working with heavy equipm