Best 15 Portable Shower Choices — 2021 Reviews

You’re packed and ready to go for your next camping adventure and you’re waving goodbye to life’s luxuries for a while. But do you really have to? Can’t you at least enjoy some amenities even if you’re in the wild for a few days? You can if you pack a portable shower.

Don’t think that’s a lot of unnecessary additional baggage to take along. Manufacturers do thorough research about what users need in portable showers and these days you’ll find different types that suit many travelers. So whether it’s space, weight or features that’s your concern, you’ll find a portable shower model that can work for you.

We’ve done our research of these unique product lines and found the best in the business. Below you’ll find detailed reviews on the 15 best portable shower options on today’s market. You’ll see we’ve listed all kinds, so you can take your pick and use what’s practical for you. Also use our guidelines below to help you shop with an expert’s perspective.


1. RISEPRO Portable Camping Shower

2. OYOOQO Portable Camping Shower

3. Hike Crew Portable Shower

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Picking the Best Portable Showers — How Did We Choose?

When you browse through our list of portable showers, you’ll see the vast range of types on today’s market. This is to cater for different consumers’ needs, because these showers are used in many different scenarios. So, how do we pick the best ones from the lot? Our experts deem the following as important no matter what type you buy so we spent hours researching these aspects.

How Portable are They?

The shower should at least match its category name and be portable. Portability relates to many factors:

  • Weight: It shouldn’t weigh you down, especially if you need a shower solution but you’re carrying your luggage over long distances.
  • Size: For hiking purposes it should be very small, and for other scenarios it should at least not take up too much space in your car, RV or campsite.
  • Easy of carrying: Will you easily carry it from point A to B? Provided slings and handles are valuable features.

Based on power source and features, some will of course be heavier than others, but we at least wanted to see that manufacturers created the specific type with the user in mind. It should be as comfortable to take with you as possible.

Is it Durable?

Portable showers are usually purchased with adventures in mind. That means going off the beaten track, with gear getting shoved into small bags and suitcases. Usually, these backpacks and suitcases also undergo some rough handling in the backs of vehicles or by being dropped on the ground. This means a flimsy portable shower won’t last very long. We looked at durability in terms of the materials used and whether it would last long if used in the sun a lot.

Does it Have Good Pressure?

If you only have a few drops coming through the shower head, you’ll probably be more irritated than refreshed after your wash. This is why portable showers must have some method of creating pressure. Some use the power of gravity, while others will have pumps to let the water gush out.

We consider the pressure levels and water flow, to help you find a portable shower that will wash the dirt off quickly.


This may be a bit of a luxury but the size of the showerhead is also worth considering. Too small and you’ll take a long time to get clean; too large and it won’t be practical to transport. We looked for designs that showcased a balance between luxury and practicality.

Another factor that determines your comfort is the length of the hose, if there’s a showerhead or a hose running to a water source. Both of these must be long enough for easy usage, even if you’re tall.

Some showers even have additional accessories and settings, such as different types of spray or water flow settings. This can earn a portable shower a few extra points in our books.

General Performance

The portable showers we picked also performed well in simply performing the task it’s purchased for. For example, we looked at matters like whether a shower’s water pouch completely empties, because if it doesn’t, your shower will be short. We made sure whether a portable shower type performs according to the promises of the manufacturer.

15 Best Portable Showers

RISEPRO Portable Camping Shower

It’s clear to see why this is one of our favorite options. In a compact electric pump set you get so much with accessories like a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which you can charge via USB. There’s also a suction cup, hook and holder, so you can hold the showerhead yourself or set it up high like a regular shower. The mounting accessories should be more durable but they work sufficiently in most circumstances.

The pressure produces 2.5l/minute of waterflow, which is ample and the battery can work up to an hour on one charge. Place it in a 10l bucket and you’ll have about a 5-minute, luxurious shower. A recharge takes 2 to 5 hours and you can do this via your car, a laptop or a powerbank. The 70” hose is more than enough for comfortable use.

Remember the motor must be submerged to work properly, so make sure you have a large enough bucket. Also, this one doesn’t heat the water.

What Others Say

Customers appreciate the many uses this portable shower can have, from washing dogs to kids having fun in the water. It’s easy to carry with on outdoor adventures and clients enjoy the good pressure it provides. It would just make more sense to have its on switch on the hose instead of the motor itself, for easier access.



OYOOQO 5 Gallons Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

This is such a practical design, with everything you need in one container that’s easy to carry. It’s much more expensive than our first choice but that’s in part because of the 12V battery and smart design. For example, the water level won’t affect the efficiency of the shower.

It measures 14.5” x 12.2” x 11.8”. It’s not an item you’ll carry during a hike but is ideal for camping or for your RV holidays.

It’s another unit that doesn’t heat the water, but you can fill it with water at a temperature of your choice. The bucket holds 5 gallons and you can get waterflow of up to 6l/minute thanks to the high pressure.

What Others Say

Users often mention the good pressure levels and they find it a practical solution for camping and household use. The battery life is also an attractive feature. They just find it unfortunate that the lid doesn’t seal, so you can’t travel with a full bucket.



Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

If it’s hot water you want when using your portable shower, this propane heater will be your favorite item. You have a unit that can heat up water to 125°F, all with a gas burner. You can also use the AC/DC adapter or 12V cigarette lighter as power source.

It’s a very safe appliance thanks to fuses, flow sensors and tilt protection as well as Smart Technology.

It weighs 13.2lb so it’s not something you’ll carry around a lot, but is perfect for a campsite. The shower system measures 9.65” x 12.2” x 11.8”. Place the pump in a container with water, switch on the unit as a heat source and you’ll have warm water pushing to the tap in no time. The display will show you the water temperature. Attach the showerhead and you have your shower. Your water will flow up to 2.2l/minute.

A delightful feature is the different spray settings and you can manage the flow from the showerhead. This way you don’t waste water because you can instantly and easily manage water use.

The smart design means all accessories can be carried as one unit in the unique carry case.

What Others Say

Customers enjoy having such hot water in almost any situation, all thanks to a fairly compact unit. They appreciate the quick heating and the smart design. Some feel the hoses should be longer and the brand’s customer service should improve, but overall, this is a winner.



AFISHTOUR Camping Shower Bag

This 12l bag is a practical option for camping and even hiking thanks to the shoulder strap that makes for easy carrying. You push the water into the hose with a foot pump, so you stay in control of your shower.

To set it up only takes around 2 minutes and we’re impressed with a simple design that incorporates a temperature display. The TPU bag can safely hold water up to 122°F and the hose is over 35” long, which is sufficient for outdoor showering.

The water may not be piping hot, but will heat up some if left in the sun.



Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Hook it up to hang from a tree branch, place the pump in a bucket of water and you have your instant shower! This pump can be hung from a hook or a suction cup and alternatively you can use it as a handheld shower. The battery powered pump will work for about an hour on a single charge. To power it up again, just recharge via wall socket or USB.

Use a 10-gallon bucket and you’ll have up to 10 minutes of shower time. With 5.9ft of hose length, just know it may be a bit short for very tall individuals.



Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower

If you want a very light solution as a shower, you should consider this one, since it’s a simple design with no unnecessary features that will weigh you down during a hike. Simply roll up the bag and add it plus its hose to your backpack or carry it by its rubber handle.

It has innovative extras like handy storage for shampoo, either in a compartment or held with Velcro straps. You can switch the nozzle on and off so you don’t waste water.

It contains 2.5 gallons and will use the sun’s heat to warm up the water inside. This is thanks to the solar panel and insulator which form part of the 4-layer bag design.



Riigoo Portable Camping Shower

This one looks very similar to some others on this list but it is an upgraded version of the brand’s previous portable showers. It now showcases an improved design where the battery and pump aren’t one unit, which makes it safer. Neither the switch nor the battery has to get wet.

You’ll get 45 minutes of use from a battery. Use the suction cup against a car widow or the provided hook to hang it in a tree. You can get up to 3.5l/minute of flow rate. The hose is longer than some other models, measuring a full 6ft.



FeChiX VIGLT Portable Shower Bag for Camp Shower

Here’s another bag that can give you a hot shower thanks to the power of the sun. It’s impressive that such a simple and light design has a handy feature like a nozzle which allows you to adjust the water flow rate.

Hang the 5-gallon PVC bag high up and let gravity pull the water towards you. It’s light enough to carry during hikes and won’t weigh you down. It only weighs 0.66lb.

To fill it with water you may need to use a hose or bottle, since it won’t easily fill up by just pushing it under water in a river or dam. Note that it can only handle poured in hot water up to 94°F.