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Best Hammock Chair With Stand for 2021

In need of some well-deserved rest? If you haven’t tried napping in a hammock, it’s time you do!

You may have seen many funny online videos of people and pets falling out of hammocks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try one. With the right hammock, hammock chair, and hammock chair stand, you can enjoy the best sleep sessions of your life:

  • You can place a hammock outside in the cool breeze during summer.
  • The gentle motion of a hammock is soothing, which can help relieve stress and create an environment for a deeper sleep.
  • You don’t even have to make your bed when you get up.
  • Some experts say hammocks help people sleep deeper compared to using certain mattresses.

So, why not try a hammock instead of a mattress when you go on your next outdoor excursion? They’re easy to transport and you can set them up anywhere to enjoy a view of the stars.

Or perhaps you simply want a comfortable nook to relax in at home, inside the lounge, or outside in the garden. Use a chair hammock with a chair hammock stand and you can relax with your book or even your laptop.

Yes, although hammocks date back 1000 years or even more, you’ll find modern versions that give you every bit of comfort you’re after. And with a bit of 21st-century innovation, they’re the best investment in your outdoor adventures—or simply your relaxation time—you’ll make this year.

Now, let’s help you pick your ideal hammock based on our buying guide and in-depth reviews of 15 hammocks, chair hammocks and hammock stands on today’s market. We covered all categories to give you proper insight into this market.

Featured Hammock Chairs

1. Metal Hanging Hammock Stand for Chair

2. Gold Armour Hammock Chair

3. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

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Methodology for Choosing Hammock Chairs

Read up about how we compare different products in the hammock niche, so you understand why we rate one above another.

What Matters When Reviewing Hammocks?

Unless you plan on placing your hammock chair stand in the bedroom or use a corner of the lounge for your new type of bed, it will most likely be set up outside most of the time. When you have to pick hammock or hammock chairs, it’s vital you pick a durable product.

Because it will be exposed to the elements, a high denier number is a good reference to durability. This refers to the thickness of the strands used to make the hammock.

We also considered the type of material the manufacturers use, because fabric determines comfort and durability. A cotton is a popular option for its comfort and breathability but it can deteriorate if left outside for a long time. Fabrics containing polyester may last longer but some of these fabrics aren’t as soft as cotton.

When it comes to design, some prefer a hammock chair while others like the traditional hammocks you can lie down in. In both types, we looked at size and length to ensure it will cater to taller individuals. After all, you usually get a hammock with the idea to stretch out, right?

A design should also be practical for the use it was made for. If a manufacturer is selling camping hammocks, it should be lightweight for easy carrying. It can even have protective features so branches won’t damage it. Therefore, we considered each item in the context it would be used in.

What Matters When Reviewing Hammock Chair Stands?

For hammock stands or hammock chair stands one needs to compare features that determine how practical they will be:

  • Are they portable and easy to move, so you can easily place them in the right spot? For example, you may want to move from a sunny spot into the shade when the day gets hot. It shouldn’t be too hefty to lift.
  • Is it an adjustable stand that will cater for any hammock you purchase? Handy tip: for traditional hammocks, add 2 feet to the length of your hammock to get the length the stand should be able to handle.
  • Will the stand needs lots of maintenance?
  • Does the hammock stand or hammock chair stand have a high enough weight capacity to handle the hammock as well as your own weight?
  • Is the design and size of the stand practical for the space you want to use it in?
  • If you’re planning on taking the stand with you for outdoor adventures like camping, it should be easy to set up and compact for transportation in your car or RV.

15 Best Hammock Chairs With Stands

Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock C-Stand for Chair

This is a practical hammock chair stand to purchase because you can hang almost any type of hammock chair, including children’s tents and egg chairs. It has a sturdy design and because it’s powder-coated it’s safe to put outside on the porch. It can handle 300lb, making it safe to use for most family members. The wide base with four legs creates a stable foundation for your hammock chair.

You’ll love the soothing motion of the hammock chair that can rotate up to 360°.

The dimensions are 42” x 27” x 84”, so just make sure it fits into your available space. It weighs over 50lb, so it may be a bit cumbersome to take with on outdoor adventures though.

What Others Say…

Users love it for how sturdy it feels and they also mention the fact that it’s an upgrade from a previous model. They do mention that you’ll need assistance to set it up. Apart from that they’re simply happy to have a stylish option as a hammock chair stand.



Gold Armour Hammock Chair

To ensure you have optimal comfort in your hammock chair, pick a design like this where multiple provided cushions give you a luxurious, cozy setting. This is our choice of best hammock chair!

The chair itself is strong and the design can safely hold up to 330lb. The quality is also clear when you look at the warranty period of 10 years. To ensure stability you have spreader rods made of heavy-duty wood. You’ll also appreciate the cotton which is breathable.

The seat itself only weighs around 5.5lb, so it doesn’t put your chair stand under unnecessary pressure along with your body weight.

We also appreciated the look that easily blends in with many décor styles. This makes it a practical option for your home. Thanks to the durable fabric, you can also use it in the garden or to hang up when you’re off camping. It’s lightweight so won’t be cumbersome to carry to your camping spot. Just put it away at night and when it rains.

What Others Say…

Other buyers of this hammock chair simply love it for its comfort and how easy it is to set up. They use it as an extra seat in the home and the soft fabric makes it inviting. They also comment on the sturdiness of the design.



Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

If you’re after the traditional hammock, this is often a winning option on many consumers’ lists and we loved it too. It’s a double hammock available in many different colors, so you can match it to other furniture or décor if needed. It can safely hold up to 450lb.

You can set this up between trees but the kit includes a durable stand made of heavy-duty steel that won’t deteriorate too easily if you need to leave it outside. If you do want to take it with you, for example when you go camping, use the provided carry bag that makes it very portable.

Dimensions are 108” x 42” x 41” so make sure it will fit where you want to position it.

This is the type of hammock that will ensconce you, almost like being inside a cocoon. For a relaxing nap, that’s exactly what’s needed to escape from the world for a while.

What Others Say

Consumers who have bought this really appreciate the durable and breathable fabric, and the easy assembly is a major selling point. Some don’t get the design they ordered, so you may have to contact the vendor for a replacement. People also appreciate that the compact design enables you to have a hammock even in small homes.



PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand with Hanging Swing

This is a simple design that has gained a lot of popularity. It only weighs 23lb, so it’s portable if you have the space to transport it with you on holiday. It also offers an impressive weight capacity of 500lb, higher than some others on our list. In terms of floor space, you’ll only sacrifice 1.09m².

The tubing is rust-resistant, so you can use it outdoors if needed but don’t leave it there indefinitely. It can start showing rust after a while.

The design accommodates different hammock chair types and you’ll find it easy to put together.



Best Choice Products Adjustable Weather-Resistant Metal Curved Hammock Chair Swing Stand

A handy feature of this hammock chair stand is that you can adjust the height of the seat to one of five different settings. This makes it practical for people of different heights and using different chair designs. You can make adjustments in a range or 79” to 93” by simply sliding the framework’s components into place.

It’s another stand you can use outside thanks to galvanized steel and powder coatings. You’ll have a durable frame that can hold 330lb comfortably. When you’re seated you can rotate 360°.

For additional stability, you’ll appreciate the provided stakes that you can drive into the ground when you use it outside. Just note that any excessive swinging—especially without the use of the stakes—could result in the unit tipping over.



Sorbus Tripod Hanging Chair Stand Frame

This is another hammock chair stand that will be compatible with just about any type of chair design. It’s sufficiently strong to handle one person at a time, with a maximum weight capacity of 330lb.

This one may take up a little more space than others due to its design. The base requires quite a large area, so measure your available floor space before you buy this one. Still, it’s practical, easy to set up and the powder-coated steel will stay in good condition outside as well. Also, the wide frame design gives you more freedom in picking a chair or other seat type you want to hang up, such as saucer swings.

It’s relatively sturdy, but take care that kids don’t swing too much, or it may tip over.



Christopher Knight Home 312592 Cayuse Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

Wicker hanging chairs are all the rage and this one is the best you can opt for. Handcrafted from polyethylene rattan, it adds aesthetic value to any space. Yes, you’ll have to pay an expensive price compared to some other basic designs but the result is a cozy corner anywhere you want it. You can lounge in various positions and the wicker unit will support you.

This one comes with cushions that are water-resistant so you can use the unit outside as well. However, don’t mistake it for being weatherproof. It will only be sufficient to withstand minor drops, not a torrent of rain.

The chair itself measures 38” x 23.5” x 48”. Note that this purchase doesn’t include a stand. The chair weighs over 30lb, so make sure your hammock chair stand can handle the weight along with your own.



OUTREE Kids Hanging Seat Hammock

It’s not only adults that would enjoy the soothing motion of a hammock, so get these seat hammocks for your children. The bright colors can add some character to a room or you can have a fun place for them to sit when you hang it from a tree at a campsite.

The PVC cushion is removable and you can deflate it to make it more compact and portable. If you need to hang this from a structure like a roof, the kit has the necessary hardware included.

These seats handle 100lb only.

Wicker hanging chairs are all the rage and this one is the best you can opt for. Handcrafted from polyethylene rattan, it adds aesthetic value to any space. Yes, you’ll have to pay an expensive price compared to some other basic designs but the result is a cozy corner anywhere you want it. You can lounge in various positions and the wicker unit will support you.

This one comes with cushions that are water-resistant so you can use the unit outside as well. However, don’t mistake it for being weatherproof. It will only be sufficient to withstand minor drops, not a torrent of rain.

The chair itself measures 38” x 23.5” x 48”. Note that this purchase doesn’t include a stand. The chair weighs over 30lb, so make sure your hammock chair stand can handle the weight along with your own.



Giantex Hammock Chair

A hammock chair can be both luxury furniture and eye-catching décor if you pick something like the rope and tassels design of this handwoven one. The brand manufactures multiple colors so you can find one that matches your other décor.

It’s designed to give you a cozy corner to settle into but the 23.6” wide seat will feel comfortable for almost anyone. It will handle weight up to 330lb. It’s made of cotton, which makes it breathable and increases comfort on a hot day.

To hang it, simply use the provided metal hoops with a hammock chair stand or straps if you want to hang it from a tree. The design allows for the hoops to be placed together or apart, so you can customize the setup.

It only weighs 8lb, so take it with you on your next camping trip for a comfy seat option. Just note the seat may be too deep for some people to sit comfortably—but just add a pillow if this bothers you.



Best Choice Products Outdoor Hammock Bed with Stand for Patio

Not all hammocks follow the traditional look but don’t underestimate the value of this hammock bed. Thanks to the sturdy design it can handle up to 500lb and with skid-resistant features on its feet, you have a stable surface to get onto.

We also like the extras such as the storage pouch; ideal for your mobile phone or a book.

This one measures 88” x 35” x 35”.



Kootek Camping Hammock Double & Single Portable Hammocks with 2 Tree Straps

If it’s in the outdoors that you need a hammock, here’s the perfect solution made from durable nylon material. The brand does sell different types of hammocks and the larger one can comfortably hold two individuals, as long as the combined weight is 500lb or less.

When you want to transport it, everything fits into a carry bag, which is easy to carry anywhere you want to set it up. When you’re done, the 210T parachute fabric will be easy to clean and you don’t have to fear that it will wear easily by getting a bit wet.

Straps are included for easy setup between trees. These straps are designed not to damage the trees’ exteriors.



Patio Watcher 11 Feet Quilted Fabric Hammock

If you want to relax in the lap of luxury, this hammock that gives you a quilted fabric surface to lie on will be your best buy. The fabric also looks stylish, so why not make it part of your furniture in your home? The brand even adds a quilted pillow which you can attach, so you’re set for very comfortable naps!

The hammock can take up to 440lb and your quilted area measures 75” x 55”. In total the hammock is 14ft long, so make sure you have that much space available. You can use a hammock stand that can cater for that size or hang it between two trees. The chain is supplied but not straps or carabiners. If you need more length, just add links to the chain.

It’s not as portable as some others on our list, since there’s no dedicated carrying bag. But for some luxury during your camping trip, why not fold it and add it to your luggage anyway?



Anyoo Garden Cotton Hammock Comfortable Fabric Hammock with Tree Straps

The Anvoo hammock is another excellent option and it comes in eight different color options, so shop according to your aesthetic preferences. It can comfortably and safely handle up to 450lb and the design makes it compatible with most standard hammock stands. Just note a stand isn’t included in the purchase. However, you do get carabiners and wide straps to attach it to trees or other objects for hanging.

An attractive feature is a way the ropes are woven into each other in a fishtail fashion. This makes the ends stronger and distributes weight evenly so they won’t wear out so fast.




BalanceFrom Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

This hammock can accommodate up to two people and measures 60” x 90”. Along with the stand the dimensions are 106” x 46” x 36”. The maximum capacity is 450lb.

The brand also manufactures different cloth designs, so pick one you like. Because it’s made of cotton and polyester it has some breathability, which will increase your comfort on a hot day.

Want to take it on outdoor adventures? The carrying bag makes for easy carrying of both the hammock and the stand.

You can adjust the height easily by simply changing the hook position. Still, some may find it a bit close to the ground even on its highest setting. We appreciate the brand’s innovative design, creating a smooth path for the ropes so they don’t fray.  



BalanceFrom Hanging Curved Chaise Lounge Chair Swing with Cushion

Today’s market caters to all types of hammocks and don’t underestimate this one that looks different. It’s modern, so can give your patio some much-needed flair. You can even pick one of four colors.

It’s practical too with its 330lb weight capacity. Your comfort is secured thanks to foam cushioning of 2” thick. The alloy steel is powder-coated, creating a safe structure and it won’t easily deteriorate if it gets some moisture.

The smart design makes for easy assembly, but you may need some help to put it together. This is a more expensive option than some others on our list.



How to Buy Hammock Chairs

Getting the Best Value for Money When Shopping for Hammocks

Browsing through our reviews below you’ll see this market is quite vast. So, you need to figure out what type of hammock will suit you best. These guidelines will help.

Types of Hammocks

Hammocks can take on many forms, but these are a few basic categories you can group them in:

  • Camping hammocks: Use a hammock as your bed during a camping adventure.
  • Chair hammocks: These are shaped to support you while you sit in a more upright position, rather than lying down.
  • Hammocks from different origins: A Mayan hammock is usually handwoven while American types often come with spreader bars.
  • Different designs: Hammocks that have spreader bars are often easier to get in and out of.
Types of Stands

To set up your hammock you can use hanging chains or tree straps, or stands that have sturdy posts you can set up on their own, anywhere you want to have a rest. Before you buy a stand, you need to determine what will work for the context you want to use the hammock in.

You can purchase free standing stands, which is ideal if you don’t have an object to attach the hammock to. As mentioned above, consider portability if you know you’ll often move it around at home or go camping with it.

1 or 2 People?

Also, consider who will be using the hammock. You find hammocks of different sizes, with popular sizes catering for one or two people. However, some manufacturers even offer hammocks up to a family size, so a whole group of friends can lie back and enjoy each other’s company.


Dimensions must be looked at in detail, especially if you’re a tall individual. You don’t want to feel cramped, so make sure it can accommodate a 6ft tall sleeper if you’re buying for a taller-than-average family.

Final Thoughts

The market for these products is growing for a reason—a hammock is so comfortable and even a fun space to spend quality time with a loved one. So, don’t miss out on this trend that will be around for a while!

 You can look forward to the best afternoon naps if you can identify the right hammock and stand. Consider whether you want one to sleep in or rather just sit and read in. And perhaps try out a few you see at your friends’ places so you know what size will give you optimal comfort.

 Or is it time you get a stand for that hammock chair that’s been in storage for a while? Order yours, try it out and you’ll wish you did it months ago. 

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